Latinos and Friends Mid-North Coast Inc.

    Was established in 2008, by a local group of Latino members. The Association is a non-profit
    organisation and promotes a variety of social and cultural issues.

    Many of its members are from Spain, Central and South  America or have Latino or Spanish heritage.

    The Latino group likes to share traditional food, dance, language with others as well as passing on
    our heritage to the Latino new generation.

    Some of the projects the association is planning are:
    Supporting a Play group for parents wishing to expose their children to the Spanish language early
    in life.

    The development of a Nanny Service for working parents who want to expose their children to
    Spanish or Portuguese culture/language.

    The association will run Latin dance classes for young members and their friends and coordinate the
    sharing of Latino books and videos. Fund raising will be by an ethnic food stall.  

    The group would like the community to join in to celebrate our multi-cultural Australia.

                                       We welcome everyone

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2008 - A non-profit organization - All rights reserved
President:             Eddie Orrego
Vicepresident:      Vacant
Secretary:             Susy Figueroa Orrego                   
Treasurer:             Lady Mogollón Hernández             
Commitee:                 Joan Anderson
                              Barrie Hamilton
                              Jan Hamilton
                              Sandra Grant
                              Karina Silva
                              Alejandro Haro
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from 26/10/2014
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Public Officer:             Eddie Orrego