Latinos and Friends Mid-North Coast Inc.



    Date                    4 September 2015

    Location            24 Paddymelon Circuit Bonville NSW 2450

    Meeting             Opened at 4 pm

    Apologies       Susy, Lady, Karina and Alejandro, Christina, Joan

    Attendance - Eddie Orrego, Barry Harrison, Jan Harrison and Carlos Ramirez

    Eddie called the meeting to order.

    Matters arising - this meeting had been called to discuss three important issues where the input of the members was required.
    1. La Fiesta Latina     
    2. The next Family gathering      
    3. The fundraising for Modesto  
    4. Plus anything you wish to put forward

    1. La Fiesta Latina – the offers from volunteers was discussed and the need to keep the Fiesta small and manageable this year. It
    was decided that the Fiesta Latina would take place at the Sunday Harbourside Market and consist of three food stalls - Rigoberto
    and his Churros Time, Las Cazuelas, and Carlos who will organise with others to provide food from the Latinos mobile kitchen.

    There will be three musical acts to play during the market -Fuego, Rigoberto and his wife and Monica and her father. Christina is
    going to organise the dance part of the fiesta with dance performances and audience participation.

    We will ask Monica to arrange for her travel agent friend and the other travel agents, to do a promotion for South America and
    Spain/Portugal. She could also ask other travel agents to participate to do similar promotions. They would pay us for the spot in
    the market but bring their own tables, posters and other promotional materials.

    Karina and Alejandro have offered to get some colouring books for the children with pictures and descriptions of South American
    countries. We might need to find/borrow/hire some low tables and chairs for this.

    We will need someone to make a BARRIO LATINO banner, some flyers and a poster. Someone needs to take lots of photos on
    the day to use for next year when it is hoped a bigger festival can take place.

    2. The next Family gathering - this will be held at the Creek area next to the Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs on Sunday 27
    September from 12 pm to 4 pm. We will be having seafood Paella to be prepared by Carlos. Those who do not want seafood
    paella can bring their own food as usual to share. The raffle for the rum and cava will be drawn that day.

    3. The fundraising for Modesto – to date we have collected 830 AUD in donations to help with the costs of bringing his brother to
    Australia for the kidney donation.

    Any other business – report on balance of Latinos bank account
    The treasurer’s report was read to the meeting.   The discussion about the report resulted in the following understanding.   For
    details see attached Treasurer’s report
    Opening balance                                                                                                      1303.73
    Donations in for Modesto                                                                                          830.00
    Payment out for web hosting                                                                                 -    49.84
    Payment out to Neighbourhood Centre for family gathering of 9 August      -    40.00
    Available funds                                                                                                          1213.89

    There being no other business the meeting closed at 5.40 pm.   


To read the Minutes of The Annual General Meeting  26/10/14
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